Over the next few weeks I’m going to be a right moany little turd and post a small rant about a specific thing which annoys me about the school which I am about to leave. So here goes!

Day 1: Staffing

I find this very frustrating to say the least. Many subjects which I have thought about taking and that would have been useful to my continued academic development have not been made available to me due to the lack of teachers in the school who can teach the subjects I’d like to take.

Many subjects which I have indeed taken, I have been left to teach myself and pass of my own accord, whether this be down to a teacher leaving or being ill and there being no appropriate substitute due to lack of staffing or through the class sizes being too big for the teacher to devote any attention to individuals within that class. The only individuals who seem to be allowed unflinching attention from teachers are those who disrupt every lesson and demand a sort of vain recognition for being a monumental arsehat.

When it comes to the teachers who we do have, it is only a very small proportion of them who have any ability to teach at all. Teaching is not just about trudging through the curriculum purely so you can say you’ve done it. Teaching is about engaging with the class who you teach on a personal level, making them to take an interest in your subject area and genuinely helping them to want to learn and do well. Many teachers don’t even appear to be vaguely interested by the subject they are teaching and are just in it for a cushy pension and a half decent holiday.

So in summary my opinion of staffing procedures and habits within my school are pretty low. We are not allowed to have a choice in our own education as many subjects which we would enjoy are not available and those that are are not available at a high enough level a lot of the time due to under staffing. The subjects which are staffed have huge class sizes which leads to an inability to teach a subject comprehensively and devote time to helping individuals take an interest and progress academically and finally many teachers are uninterested or at least seem uninterested in actually teaching their subject to a high standard and encouraging their pupils to actually retain information and reach a deeper learning of a subject than just ‘you have to do this to pass’. Bollocks to the staffing.

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